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Rachel DeFriez is the author of Grey Matters. Due to her husband's nomadic nature, she has taught French and Creative Writing in a variety of states including: Texas, Massachusetts, and Utah. She is particularly surprised to find herself writing YA horror since she's afraid of the dark. She is also the author of The Rath Haven Chronicles, an urban fantasy series.

Vadim Astrakhan is a Russian-American poet, translator and musician, who works with the material left by the outstanding Russian bard and performer Vladimir Vysotsky. Vadim translates Vysotsky’s lyrics from Russian into English, and renovates the words for modern audiences and performs them to updated music. Vadim is a longtime friend and collaborator.

Thus wrapped in dignity; unearthed his black wings.
Man, made me spite his spoiled deeds.
Created to avenge obedience from the fruit they took to eat.
Originally the prospered of faith, to believe in things unseen; like breath G-d exists without need. ...
Of these days incarnate, by day I've witnessed silver worn and tarnished, but with all things said and done, it began at dawn, and when the curtains drew they were all astonished.
Sons of the contriving primed for sweet wanting, in a voice that stood above all, harkens high to shift the room below that made them jaunty.
From there I stood brawl, in linked to all with G-ds extol; had ways that privies through pain and brought to haze.
My mouth be parched in an arch of many; I am the silence passed, by lips that say have plenty, the deadliest that ever raised the end of days to climax.
Taint integrity; now see me through eyes so amorous, while I ask yea the riddle that perplexed the wisest.
What have may and have not became? 

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