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"Letters to Phoenix" by Julie Deshtor

He‎ is a dream come true for sixteen-year-old Emma; intelligent and free, dangerous and charming, he is in love with her and her alone. He ‎is a handful for his parents, a willful and unmanageable child ‎that makes their life a living nightmare. To the ‎staff of the therapeutic boarding school, he is a troubled teenager that must be cured. To his therapist - another puzzle, a wild thing that can be tamed. Now, torn away from home, who is he really - Phoenix, Derek, or just another boy in need of therapy? Only time will tell.


Publication Date:  Sep 24 2014

ISBN/EAN13:        0692262326 / 9780692262320

LCCN:                   2014917726

Genre:                   Young Adult (16+)

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